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At The Bassline Group We Value:

Authenticity • Integrity • Growth • Communication • Grind

We partner with artists, venues, labels, brands, startups and businesses wanting to grow their awareness and increase their revenue by offering Management, Marketing and Coaching services.

DIY Coaching

We currently live in a “Do-It-Yourself” culture where artists are already equipped with their own team. However, there are instances where that team could use the help of an expert or industry professional to help guide them along the way. With our continuously growing network, we coach on a wide range of topics to fit your needs as an artist or entertainer, and assist you and your team in advancing your career. Such areas can include, but not limited to: artist development, marketing strategy, social media, press outreach, industry pitching, booking, career advice, music rights/publishing admin and more. Weekly, biweekly, or monthly sessions are available.


Packages start at $500/month.

Brand Development

The first question we like to ask our clients is “Who are you?”. If you struggle answering that question, we can help. Our brand development services are crafted to help solidify your identity as an artist in the industry where your image/story matters more than the music. We will audit what you currently have and develop a strategy to craft your image that can be interpreted through your sound and online presence. In addition, our strategic partners can help with Photography, Videography, Web Design (WordPress), and Graphic Design, if needed.


Packages start at $2500.

Project Management

Patrice is known for her attention to detail, eye for aesthetics & design, her ear for great sound and cadence, flexibility, and her efficiency. She has managed dozens of projects that included sourcing for talent and creatives, scouting locations, creative directing, managing marketing initiatives, budgets, timelines, A&R and executive producing music projects, all while filling in where needed to meet deadlines.


To ensure efficiency, she only takes on a limited number of retainer-based projects at a time. So please be patient if there’s a waiting list.


If you’d like to schedule a FREE 15-minute discovery call to discuss your project and learn how she can help, feel free to contact her here.

Artist/Talent Management

The Bassline Group focuses heavily on artist development, business development and strategy; thus turning creatives into entrepreneurs. We offer management services to artists, producers, actors, and athletes who are in need of a truly knowledgeable team (no “friendagers” or “famagers”) to help manage their current and future business affairs. Please note that our vetting process is extremely selective as we see management as more of a partnership rather than a traditional business transaction.

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Updated as of 10/19/20

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During your consultation, we will learn more about you and your business. If we’re a great fit, we will discuss how we can help and recommend services.

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