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Premier development & business support for artists and entertainers



Founded in 2014, The Bassline Group is an artist development and talent management agency owned and operated by Patrice K. Cokley. Currently based in the Midwest (US) with a global reach, #TBG offers premier and professional development and business support for artists and entertainers. We are here to help creatives and entertainers become or remain entrepreneurs, maintain their authenticity, and turn their passion into a long-term career.


“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Patrice and her integrity is commendable. Patrice’s professionalism, work, and willingness to help is the best I’ve seen in my 20+ years in business. I highly recommend her to take your brand to the next level. You guys did a great job, Patrice! I love how you work!”


Mathew Knowles, CEO of Music World Entertainment
Lin Almanza, Executive Assistant to CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

What basic services do you provide?

Marketing Strategy, Project Management, Artist Management, and Publishing Administration.

How much do you charge?

Rates vary depending on the client/project scope, but our monthly retainers start at $2000.

Do you offer consultations if I just want to pick your brain about my situation?

Yes. Consultations are great for those needing advice or guidance. You can schedule a 45-minute session for $300 here.

At what level in my career should I be in to work with you?

Established or emerging.

How can I start building a fanbase?

The short answer is to develop your brand persona, identify your audience, and create with them in mind. The long answer can be found in this webinar here.

What are your qualifications? How are you different from the others online?

Patrice holds both a BS & MBA in Marketing, has taught Music Business & Marketing for 3 years at the collegiate level, and has helped dozens of artists and music entrepreneurs establish their brand that elevated their careers, including Mathew Knowles (Beyoncé’s dad). She doesn’t chase clout, she focuses on impact.

Do you offer training or coaching programs?

Not yet. But you can check out Patrice’s webinar on branding, social media, and monetization here.

Do you work with artists in the U.S. only?

No. We’ve worked with Canadian artists in the past.

I’m a new artist, can you manage me or refer me to someone who can?

If you’re new, then it may be a little early for management. I recommend hiring a consultant or join a training or coaching program to educate yourself on marketing and the music business.

Can you share some case studies of clients you’ve worked with?

Sure. You can check out our company deck here or the projects page.

Do you take ownership of my music/masters?

No. We may license your master, with your permission, in order to represent you (pretty standard on the indie level), but we never take ownership. You made it, so it’s yours.

Can you send my music to Beyoncé’s dad so he can pass it to her?


LOL! You can pass it to us here if you’d like to work with US.

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