Currency Exchange, Vol 1 is a compilation comprised of production by Tone Jonez (2020 Grammy-nominated and one of Patrice’s favorite online producers), that were hand-selected for each artist by Patrice herself. 


The project includes Paris the Spitta, a lyrical Chicago-based hip hop artist signed to The Bassline Group, looking to bring back bars and creative wordplay to the forefront (think Joyner Lucas); Delafaye, a Chicago-based singer/rapper who’s been labeled as the next Missy Elliott; theantisocial, a DMV-based hip hop artist, featured on where Patrice discovered him and worked with for a brief period of time, that brings a gritty sound displaying his hunger for success (think early J. Cole); Kynard, an Austin, TX-based hip hop artist on a mission to bring old school hip hop back; and Patrice’s former students, Video, Hyneef Ross, and Foreign Prophesy that freestyled in class to a beat that made its way to this project. 


“We exchanged our own form of currency; everyone contributing in their own unique and creative way to produce this product. While covering all expenses myself.” – Patrice K. Cokley


All music was mixed and mastered by Patrice’s studio partners, Beat Box Entertainment, and Graphic Design was provided by PVision Graphics of NYC/FL. 


One of Patrice’s mottos is that we all can win and go further together than apart. And she hopes to inspire others to work together with this project, while showcasing talent that’s being overlooked and overshadowed.


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