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We currently live in a “Do-It-Yourself” culture where artists are already equipped with their own team. However, there are instances where that team could use the help of an expert or industry professional to help guide them along the way. With our continuously growing network, we coach on a wide range of topics to fit your needs as an artist or entertainer, and assist you and your team in advancing your career. We charge $275 for a 90-minute session, and also offer monthly retainers if more hours are needed on a regular basis.

  • Artist Development
  • Brand Image
  • Marketing Strategy

  • Social Media
  • Press Outreach
  • Industry Pitching

  • Booking
  • Career Advice
  • Music Rights/Publishing Admin


“I sat down with Patrice and just the amount of information I got in an hour blew my mind. It’s definitely worth reaching out and getting direction. If you don’t believe me, just watch how I level up.”


Ignit Ronriguez
Beat Box Studios

“Patrice’s guidance, advice, and expertise was everything I needed to get started in the right direction. Her love for the business is genuine. From me to you Patrice thank you!”


Latabitha Bryant
Tell Tabby 1st

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