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MONTREALWAYS is a 19-year-old bilingual (English & French) R&B artist from Montreal, QC making waves around the world. Her passion and gift for freestyling lyrics and melodies has resulted in viral posts across TikTok and Instagram, where she’s accumulated over 130,000 followers within 3 months, and garnered the attention of Missy ElliottDeborah Cox and ASAP Twelvyy.


Her latest single, Rose Petals, received over 19,000 streams on Spotify in the first 6 weeks, with no marketing or promotional campaigns.


Although she’s been writing original songs and navigating the music industry since 2016, she’s always had a passion for and interest in music and performance. She’s been a vocalist since the age of 3, and has played the drums in an orchestra for 5 years. Throughout high school, she was casted in many musicals, such as The Lion King and Grease, where she starred in the leading role, “Sandy”.


As a rebel, a lover, and healer, her mission is to spread good vibes through music and inspire others to lead with love.


  1. Rose Petals Montrealways 2:44
  2. GPS Montrealways 2:37
  3. Got It All Montrealways 2:33
  4. 24 Hours Montrealways 2:30
  5. Easy 2 Pretend Montrealways 3:24


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