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1000MILAN is a LA-based hip hop artist known for his energetic sound. Meshing hard-hitting lyrics and melodic flows together, his music is bound to get you out of your seat.


Having a multicultural background (Panama & Caribbean), the LA-native is no stranger to the independent grind. Milan has honed his skills as a producer/performer/songwriter in Miami and NYC to create a signature sound that reflects the style and worldwide appeal of hip hop music.


In Miami, he studied Audio Engineering at Full Sail University and developed the technical chops to mix and master his own songs. While there, he wrote music with a distinctive signature SOBE-hype vibe that will lead you to the beach followed by the club.


Later in NYC, his keen ear was exposed to the various musical influences of the city, and expressed in a body of work reflecting Caribbean-flavored melodic songs mixed with the hardcore grit of a New York Subway.


“Coming up, my major influences were Cam’ron and Dipset, and continues with artists like Kanye West, Young Thug and Travis Scott. I love the lyrical flow of Dipset and the creative vocal tone of Kanye. I try to incorporate both in my music.”


After honing his craft on all 3 coasts, he’s now back home in LA, releasing what he now calls “stadium music”.


MILAN has collaborated with various big industry producers including Fisticuffs, Mic West, and THC in LA, and his lyrics and voice was previously sampled in Kendrick Lamar’s smash hit, M.A.A.D City.


At the end of the day 1000MILAN is an artist fearless in his approach to music. He transcends and flawlessly blends the vibes of any coast. But his heart is LA Strong.


  1. GET EM 1000MILAN 1:30
  2. Make Me Rich 1000MILAN 2:24
  3. Bases Loaded 1000MILAN 2:01
  4. Captain 1000MILAN 1:30
  5. Snap Me 1000MILAN 2:04
  6. Rico 1000MILAN 2:00



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