Welcome theantisocial

Written by Patrice on March 22, 2018

I like artists who are not only talented, but have a HUGE chip on their shoulder. Why? Because I have one too. theantisocial is a hip hop artist from Landover, MD who is certainly up next. I typically don’t work with rappers, but I couldn’t pass him up because I could hear the fire in his voice, while still remaining harmonically pleasing, with a versatile flow that could ride any beat.

theantisocial is another artist I discovered through a DJ Booth article. After just a quick listen through his Soundcloud, I immediately reposted his music and hit the follow button because he has that sound very reminiscent to when music was fun and the artists were hungry with nothing to lose or prove.

During our first meeting, I learned that he was a fellow Virgo, and that he has 2 goals: (1) to make it to the Top 5, and (2) take care of his father who was diagnosed with cancer after his mother passed at the age of 13.

After our 30-minute meeting and a few emails, we decided to work together, with me serving as his manager. My goal is to not only guide him and manage his business affairs, but to reveal “theantisocial” to the world. Like any Virgo, you’ll love us once we step out of our shell and allow you to get to know us. 😉



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