What is PR and Why It’s Needed

Written by Patrice on December 14, 2014

When starting out in business, you will need key people in place to help with building awareness. One of those areas that you must have in place is Public Relations (PR).

PR is not to be confused with advertising or marketing. According to Forbes, PR agencies promote companies or individuals via editorial coverage. They don’t buy ads, write stories for reporters, or even put up billboards. But they do help in getting media coverage and ensuring that the coverage you receive is consistent with your brand.

Obtaining media coverage would allow you to reach an audience outside of performances and/or word of mouth. It’s important to keep in mind that everyone may not attend concerts or are at events where you could be executing a street marketing campaign. You could potentially gain new fans by being featured in publications that your targeted audience consume on a regular basis.

PR is needed for any business entity or person that needs to build and maintain their brand awareness and has a newsworthy story to be shared with the public. If your brand relies heavily on the perception of the public, then it is imperative that you have a team or person dedicated to your PR strategy. This person will not only help in getting coverage, but they should also help in managing the public’s opinion of you and/or business.

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