Why Creatives (like Meek Mill) Need Us On Their Team

Written by Patrice on July 31, 2015

I’m sure you all know what’s been going on in mainstream with the beef between Drake and Meek Mill. If you don’t know, let me give you a little background.

Drake is a Toronto-born actor turned hip hop star who is known for his transparent and emotional songs with a rhythmic flow. What women love about Drake is that he has no problem wearing his heart on his sleeve in his music. Men may hate him for it, but they end up loving him back because he’s doing something right, to keep women’s attention. Drake is also affiliated with Young Money, a label imprint with Lil’ Wayne as the lead, and Nicki Minaj as a label mate.

Meek Mill is a Philly-born rapper who is known for his gritty rhymes and putting people on blast by keeping it real. He has shown his distaste with how fake the industry is and just recently released an EP called Dreams Worth More Than Money. He is currently signed to Rick Ross’ label imprint Mayback Music Group and is publically dating Nicki Minaj.

drake-free-meek-millThe beef started when Meek Mill accused Drake of having a ghostwriter, via Twitter, as retaliation for not tweeting his new album or showing up at his Homecoming Show. Petty? Very much so. Not to mention that he’s romantically involved and is on tour with Drake’s label mate, Nicki Minaj, who he’s collaborated with for years, and was gaining a lot of buzz already from his recently released album. So why start this beef?

Meek has a few big names in his circle, but dating Nicki took his status in the industry to another level. He now has direct access to Nicki’s LARGE fanbase, corporate eyes are looking because both Nicki and Drake have a significant amount of corporate deals on the table, and he rubs elbows with the likes of Jay Z. So why in the world would he publically go for Drake’s head? There are videos being shared online showing how friendly the two once were. Couldn’t this have been something that they could have cleared up over the phone or text message?

The way Meek chose to go about this has me questioning who he has on his team. Yes, he is a grown man and is ultimately in charge of his career, but there should be someone on his team advising him against making these kind of enemies and how it could be detrimental to a career he has spent years to build. It doesn’t matter if Drake writes his own lyrics or not; Drake is what some may call “The People’s Champ”. At the very least, he is certainly “Toronto’s Champ” and has deals with major brands such as Sprite and Apple.

I was recently interviewed for a podcast show where I was asked what are the most common mistakes I see artists make. Before I answered, I stated that I’d like to be very careful with my words because people can be quite sensitive. I’m the type of person who gives it to my clients straight, with no chaser. I don’t sugar-coat anything because I would rather they hear it from me before they make a fool of themselves, publically, and get dragged all over the media. And we all know that the people on social media are extremely harsh critics. Have you seen the memes lately?!? Geesh!!! Why subject yourself to such ridicule that could have been avoided with a more strategic approach?

A week after Drake released a diss track that was widely received and applauded, Meek finally released a response that did not meet the expectations of those who were following. As a result, Meek is being dragged all over the internet with memes that are mocking him, his rap skills, and his relationship with Nicki. Meek is the one that started this beef on Twitter, so people expected him to come out the gate swinging when he had the opportunity to respond on record; and according to the public, he failed, tremendously.

Creatives Need Us On Their Team

We would never advise you to do something that has the potential of hurting your career. In fact, we pride ourselves on identifying ways to leverage these opportunities to help you grow and excel. For example, despite Meek losing this round, there’s still an opportunity there that he could leverage. If you listen to the record he released, you can hear that he sampled the theme music for the WWE wrestler, The Undertaker. This could easily turn into a partnership or deal with WWE, IF they’d see it beneficial to partner with an artist who is currently on everyone’s bad-side. But to think about it, WWE loves good storylines and having a villian. It may work for him.

Another opportunity to salvage his career is to squash the beef with Drake privately, then release a joint track that represents brotherhood and how it was all fun and games. But, I personally think this has gone too far and there’s no way of turning back. Looking at the stats of all parties involved, Meek would have been better off keeping Drake as a friend and developing strong alliances with him, and work towards becoming one big happy family, with Nicki on his arm.

Like everyone else, I’m curious to see how this turns out and if he’s able to salvage what he’s built, which includes his relationship with Ms. Manaj, who has yet to respond — I don’t blame her. She has a brand to protect and I’m sure her team is watching as well and questioning her ties with Meek Mill would hurt her businesses. Either way, if Meek had BASSLINE on the team, we would have told him to think very carefully before sending those initial tweets and advised him to send Drake a text message instead.

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