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Mathew Knowles


Mathew Knowles is the founder of Music World Entertainment, and is responsible for the success of Destiny’s Child, which catapulted the careers of his daughters, Beyoncé and Solange. He is also a #1 Best Selling Author of the book The DNA of Achievers and a professor at Texas Southern University where he teaches Entrepreneurship and The Music Business. After having success developing and managing the online presence of his group BLUSH, Dr. Knowles had requested that Patrice and the Bassline team do the same for him and his personal brand.

We provided him with a Logo Design, Web Design w/ e-commerce functionality, Book Cover Design, Content Strategy, Content Design, and Social Media Setup + Management.


  • Dr. Knowles’ primary audience is music business professionals, entrepreneurs, and college students.
  • His mission is to motivate and educate.
  • He is highly-respected and sought after for speaking engagements and keynotes.
  • We gathered and reviewed all of his visual interviews and keynotes on YouTube, read his most recent press mentions, and analyzed his public perception.
  • We gathered additional information from Dr. Knowles to develop a logo that was identifiable and resonated with his audience.
  • We utilized his professional photos to develop a web design that is bold, powerful, and educational.
  • Develop social media content that was consistent with his new brand identity to promote speaking engagements, appearances, and major announcements.


Mathew Knowles


Mathew Knowles



  • A new logo and brand identity that resonated with his intended audience.
  • A website that serves as his official online hub that lists his upcoming speaking engagements, and book(s) available for purchase.
  • An established and verified social media presence with a consistent stream of content that we develop and post.
  • His social media following grew substantially with a few viral posts that were covered by Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, Vibe, Source, Black Enterprise, and other major media outlets.
  • A bold and powerful book cover that were covered on various major media outlets including Ebony, Sister Circle TV, The Wendy Williams Show, BBC, and many more.


“You guys did a great job, Patrice! I love how you work!” -Mathew Knowles