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Justen Williams


Justen Williams is an accomplished New Orleans-based music producer and composer. His notable accomplishments include scoring work with HBO, NFL Films, Ford Motor Company and producing the viral record “Sallie Mae Back” with RCA Records Dee-1.  He is a Brand Ambassador for Propellerhead Software, where he promotes and showcases production techniques via YouTube.

With his growing presence, Justen reached out for help developing a logo identity that he could use as a watermark for his media and apparel.


  • Identify Justen’s primary audience, which are music companies, educational institutes, and established artists.
  • Gathered information on Justen’s creative process, and his overall personality.
  • Attend one of his speaking events to see him in action and how he interacts with a live audience.



  • A logo was produced that was clean, identifiable, and included his signature eye glasses.
  • The logo is versatile and has been implemented on various forms of media such as his photographs, videos, website, and apparel.


“I value Patrice and her team’s approach to conducting business. They have mastered the art of being super efficient and making you feel like family. ”