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Hoax & Haze


Hoax & Haze is a hip hop duo, based in Houston, TX. They’re currently signed to Mathew Knowles‘ label, Music World Entertainment, and well-known for their viral hit, Hit The Mayweather.

After working with Mr. Knowles on the BLUSH project, he requested that Patrice and the Bassline team work on developing the online presence of Hoax & Haze.

We provided them with 2 logo designs, a web design, an animated promotional video clip, and social media monitoring.



  • Extensive research was conducted on the group and their following from their viral dance hit.
  • Their primary audience is 13-29, with a goal to make music that everyone can dance to.
  • We utilized their professional photos to develop a web design that was bold yet vibrant.
  • Developed social media content that was consistent with their brand identity to promote their appearances, performances, and their other social media accounts to increase followers.


Hoax & Haze


Hoax & Haze



  • New logos that are versatile and can be used on any platform, while appealing to their targeted audience.
  • A new website that serves as their online hub to promote upcoming shows and new music.
  • Song Artwork for their viral dance hit, Hit The Mayweather.