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BLUSH is a hip hop trio comprised of 2 rappers and 1 vocalist, based in Houston, TX. They’re currently signed and managed by Mathew Knowles of Music World Entertainment.

After reaching out to Mr. Knowles for industry advice and guidance, he offered Patrice and the Bassline team an opportunity to refresh the online presence of his music group.

We provided them with a Logo Design, Web Design, Email Marketing Setup, Content Strategy, Content Design, Social Media & Ad Management.


  • Blush’s primary audience is women between the ages of 13-25.
  • Their mission is to empower young women to be confident and strong in all areas of their life.
  • The members of Blush are not just business partners, but are family/sisters, who are highly supportive of each other.
  • We gathered their favorite colors and learned the meaning of their name to come up with a logo that was unique and identifiable.
  • We utilized their previous professional photos and press interviews to develop a web design that was sleek, bold, sexy, yet fun.
  • Develop social media content that was consistent with their brand to promote their appearances, performances, and their other social media accounts to increase followers.







  • A new logo and brand identity that is appealing to their targeted audience.
  • Their social media following increased by 20% within the first 60 days.
  • Multiple fans created social media pages to honor them.
  • Their brand was covered by major media outlets such as HOT97, iHeart Radio, The Insider, Vibe, Source, etc.


“This looks really good. I’m extremely happy with how this came out!” – Mathew Knowles